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We are a premier scrap car buyer; we offer the most cash for your junk vehicle in Denver, CO.  Are you tired of fixing that beat down, broken, rusted, or busted scrap car that has been sitting on your property?  Are sitting on your porch ready to puke every time you look at it? Or are you not worried about it; you’re not the guy that sits on his porch with a shotgun waiting for that thief to show up and steal it, or the people that set their alarm every time you go inside the house.

No, no, no! You tried to have it stolen; you took it to the ghetto, you dropped it of in the most violent area of town, hoping by morning it would be a long and painful forgotten dream, that you wake up to every night at the same time hoping your car would not be there when you awoke.  You took it to as an insult you were heart broken.  You tried to give it to the local bum, the guy hanging out on the side of street with a sign that displays anything will help.  You start to hand over the title and the key with a smile on your face knowing deep inside that that pain in your side will be gone forever.  The bum declines your generosity. How can this be!

When none of the above works out for you, when your hopes of freedom didn’t work, dissolved right before your eyes, when the gangs disappointed you; walking by your unlocked car and instead breaking into your neighbor’s locked pinto.  What is wrong with the world today; you scream it out.  You need a vacation; you need a company that cares about your needs, you need us.  You need a car company who cares about what the customers want, we do believe that customer needs are important, we want to get you as close to the money you want as possible.  We can’t promise everybody everything they want, but we can try our best to do it.  That is why our customers like us, because of our honesty and kindness; our pleasantness; our awesomeness; you get the picture.  We buy all cars and are confident in our business; in ourselves and in you.  We know that when you contact us, you will agree that our junk vehicle buyers are really satisfying to talk too.

We are just happy go lucky type of people that are always trying to figure out the best way to junk a car in your area and offer free removal while doing it.  We know that once you try our service you will be glad that you did.  You know that the great wall wasn’t built in a day and neither was great service.  We are here to make sure that you are taken care of the right way.  So if your looking to sell or scrap your car, call us for a chance to offer you a free quote today!