In this post, we want to tell you about some customers of ours who have sold us several scrap cars for money. They live up on the north end of town. They’re a really nice family with Mom and Dad and two boys. They all love to work on cars as a hobby. Yes, even including Mom! In fact, according to the two boys who are both in high school now, Mom is a better mechanic than Dad. Of course, that’s a debatable topic with Dad!

junk cars for cash

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For years, they’ve been doing this. They fix up old clunkers and turn them into sweet machines that high schoolers and college kids like and can afford. Then they use some of the profits to buy more clunkers and parts and put some of it into a nice college fund for the boys. Hobbies that you can actually make good money at are great fun.

They live on a big piece of property and the first time we went up there, we almost had to laugh at all the old cars sitting out in the yard. It was almost like a automobile museum. Anyway, what we have worked out is they sell us the old cars they can’t get running to resell and they don’t want anymore for parts.

They were really happy to find us because it gives them a chance to not let so many cars pile up in their yard and it gives them cash for the vehicles that they would not have otherwise been able to sell and probably would have had to pay someone to tow away. More cash for the college fund!

However, before they found us, they had some rather nerve racking experiences with trying to sell these non-running vehicles to individuals. With the cars they fix up and get running, they’ve never had an experience that was too bad but with the cars that don’t run they tell us they get some real weirdos showing up. After one very bad experience with one who they say was surely on drugs and drugged out the day he came over, they installed a new security system. Junk vehicles can definitely attract a bad element if you’re not careful.

They also tried to use another car dealer but after they screwed up the first deal and then they gave them a second chance and they screwed up that one too, they quit trying. However, we love them and treat them like they are part of our extended family. It’s a great relationship that just keeps getting better with time.

We try to treat all of our customers like family and treat them as fairly as we would treat our own family members selling cars to us. That’s how we like to do business and we’ve found it to be a very successful formula and why we think we’re so successful in the car businesses when we see others come and go. Where other companies seem to want to prey on people, we strive to treat people with respect and deal with them in a completely honest way. If you have a vehicle you are interested in selling, give us a call and tell us about your car. We’ll give you an honest quote over the phone. We’ll show up when we say we will and we’ll pay you what we say we’ll pay you. We’ve been in business a long time and we have earned the trust of many people over the years. We buy all types of vehicles for cash and we do it the old fashioned honest way. Give us a call if you have a vehicle you want to sell in the Denver, Co area.  303-872-6703